Choice of many customers and companies that have used our services.

Industrial assembly
  • Automobile industry – AUDI,BMW,RENAULT,PORSCHE
  • Companies Baukom d.o.o,MKZ d.o.o.,Borák d.o.o
  • Harbor docks in Rotterdam
  • Nuclear power station in Dukovany CZ
  • Baťa Factories in Zlín CZ
  • And more...
Electro installations
- apartment buildings, multifunctional buildings, shopping centers, schools, hotels and others for German companies:
  • Elektro Barth GmbH – Roderau
  • Elektro Simon GmbH – Geising
  • Elektro Roger Schmidt GmbH – Viesbaden
  • Elektro Anlagen Helmut Weidner GmbH – Ohrdruf /Thür
  • Elektroanlagen Eschbach – Lindlar
  • Illgen Anlagenbau GmbH –Querfurt
  • TDI Hansen & Thone GmbH - Mainz Fitchen
  • And more...


We also cooperate with the company providing for further work...